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Sophos UTM 9 – HA fails on Hyper-V – Another Master / Slave

So for the past weeks I’m troubleshooting a Sophos UTM 9.4 cluster which won’t come into sync with each other. We’re migrating VM’s from one Hyper-V cluster to a new Hyper-V cluster. On the old cluster we’ve deployed a two … Continue reading

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Programming a PIC (PIC16F88P), for example the heart of OTGW

This blog is about programming your own PIC microcontroller. I had never done it before and while I was working on my own OTGW (See I had to program it myself. Sure they offer links to people who can … Continue reading

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My first steps at Home automation and PCB design: OTGW – LED Panel design with Eagle software

Due to my line of work (IT) I got interested in home automation. Everything that can be automated, means less things to do by hand 😉 So while looking around at the internet I came across the ESP-12E and Arduino. … Continue reading

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Juniper SRX – error: Could not format alternate root | Solution

This week I encountered this error for the first time in the years I’m working with JunOS now. Last week I installed two SRX’s at a remote datacenter location in NJ, US. All working fine and once back in my … Continue reading

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vMotion Fails At 14% – with at least one solution

Every found your self with an issue and spending hours trying to find a solution while none of the Google (or bing) search(find)engine results fixed you’re problem? Well I did just this today. Trying to update our VMWare clusters I … Continue reading

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Reset vSphere / ESX root password with host profiles

Ever found yourself breaking your head on a root password for your ESX(i) host, while it’s still manageable through vCenter? Well, I did! After searching the internet, I found that there are numerous methods of resetting the root password. Even … Continue reading

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Setup SRX1400 in cluster over layer2 switching network

This post is about my experience of setting up two SRX1400 nodes in a cluster, geographically separated by a layer2 switching network. The lab setup had to be redundant and spread over two locations. So I updated both SRX’en to … Continue reading

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Upcoming: Setup Juniper SA with Tecti MobileID

Coming soon, my blog about setting up a Juniper SA with Tecti MobileID for Authentication and OTP/SMS. I’ll try to complete the page this month. 😀 Ok sorry, please hang on a little longer..

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