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Programming a PIC (PIC16F88P), for example the heart of OTGW

This blog is about programming your own PIC microcontroller. I had never done it before and while I was working on my own OTGW (See http://www.b00z.nl/blog/2016/04/my-first-steps-at-home-automation-and-pcb-design-otgw-led-panel-design-with-eagle-software/) I had to program it myself. Sure they offer links to people who can … Continue reading

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My first steps at Home automation and PCB design: OTGW – LED Panel design with Eagle software

Due to my line of work (IT) I got interested in home automation. Everything that can be automated, means less things to do by hand 😉 So while looking around at the internet I came across the ESP-12E and Arduino. … Continue reading

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