My first steps at Home automation and PCB design: OTGW – LED Panel design with Eagle software

Due to my line of work (IT) I got interested in home automation. Everything that can be automated, means less things to do by hand πŸ˜‰ So while looking around at the internet I came across the ESP-12E and Arduino. Bought some Arduino nano’s and ESP-12E modules. As network engineer I was more interested in the ESP-12E because it’s a small wifi enabled module. Handy for small sensors. After playing around with those I also came across the OTGW –

How awesome is that! Controlling your home heating system! You could buy something like Toon (in the Netherlands) but it has some strange drawbacks and building your own system is much more fun.

Since I got my own solder iron for my birthday I ordered only the PCB and the components to build it yourself. And as I wanted to do it all by myself, I thought, just by the PIC’s and also program them myself. On Aliexpress I found the PICs and the programmer. Both received really quickly

So I first soldered the gateway together:
















After struggling with programming the PIC, I finally managed to have it programmed. [link to post will follow]

Added all together and had a working gateway. This gateway has also connections for status LED’s. However, I didn’t find anything about getting the LED’s connected and build in the housing. So there started the first idea of designing my own PCB. I’m someone who takes the difficult road just for the fun of it. And now I had a real goal for designing a real PCB. I downloaded the Eagle PCB design software and just started “drawing”.

After couple of hours (read: days ;o) ) I finally got it and managed to create my PCB. Yeah!















Now I needed to have my design manufactured and found DirtyPCB’s – – which is quite cheap as far as I know. Their standard sizes are 5×5 and 10×10; 5×5 happened to be the perfect size for my project! win-win!
If you like the PCB and want to order it, and you value the time I’ve put in it, please use this link to order it:
When you do, thank you! It will help me create more great stuff. Also, Post a comment when you’ve PCB’s left so other can contact you to buy your leftovers. πŸ˜‰

So I send them my files, actually I send it 4 times because I didn’t know all the needed file formats yet but I got there. They even provide a graphic preview of the design you upload so that’s really handy! At least for a n00b like me.



After waiting some time I got my own, first self designed PCB! That was really cool.
As soon as I received the PCB’s I soldered the components and installed it in the housing. As I already thought, all fitted like it should be! As a drilling template I printed the PCB export and glued it onto a piece of cardboard. You can download the template PDF at the end of the post.

Template1 Template2


Case1 Case2 Case3 Case4 Case5








So I’m quite happy about my first ‘steps’ in PCB design. As resistor values I’ve used the following:

Yellow/R1: 2k Ohm
Green/R2: 2k Ohm
Blue/R3: 20k Ohm
Red/R4: 10k Ohm

Side note: As I had to order 10 pcs of the PCB, and only needed one for myself, I’ve 9 left, so if you’re interested in buying one, let me know! Costs are 2 EUR plus shipping. In the Netherlands it would cost a stamp or two, but let me know where you live and I’ll let you know the costs with regular mail.

That was all for this post. I hope it (will) help you on your own quest πŸ˜‰

Links and downloads
– Template PDF for drilling: gateway-LED-DrillingTemplate
– PCB Ordering:

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17 Responses to My first steps at Home automation and PCB design: OTGW – LED Panel design with Eagle software

  1. Sandor says:

    Nice one indeed.
    Would be interested if I could update my OTGW with LEDS as well πŸ˜‰

  2. stefan says:

    Yesterday I have soldered my OTGW. I have also ordered an ESP 12 module to replace the usb cable. For the leds an a reset button I am interested in one of your spare PCB’s. Can you please reply on this email?

    • Onno says:

      Hi Stefan,
      I’ve send you an Email ;o)
      Would you mind sharing how you’re going to use the ESP12 module to replace the USB cable? I have some of those ESP modules lying around and am really interested in getting my OTGW working through wifi instead of the USB connection.


  3. stefan says:

    Hi Onno,

    I followed the description on the added blog.

    I did not receive your email. Please try again.


  4. Hi Onno – I’m interested in buying a PCB from you if you still have available? Also, do you have a list of the parts you used (or part numbers, etc.). Drop me an email if you still have. Thanks

    • Onno says:

      Hi Richard,

      Sure, I’ve a couple PCB’s left ;o) I’ll send you an email with details.
      I’ll update my post with a part list. However note that the resistor values depend on the type, color and also personal preference of brightness of the LEDs. ;o)
      I bought cheap LEDs and don’t like super bright lights for this so I used higher value resistors.

      — Onno.

  5. Erik says:

    Hi Onno,
    I’m interested in a PCB too, is a PCB still available?
    At the moment I’m starting home automation too and this would be a nice addition to the OTGW.

    vrgr ErikW

  6. Pieter says:

    Hi Onno, I guess my previous comment ended up somewhere in the great bit walhalla in the sky. It didn’t show up. Oh well.
    I’d like to buy a PCB from you, if you still have them available.


  7. BertJan says:

    Hi Onno,
    I’m interested in one of your PCB’s ar there some left?
    If one is available I want one to buy from you.


    • Onno says:

      Hi BertJan,
      Yes, still have some available! Will send you an Email.
      Please do check you SPAM folder as Hotmail seems to like to mark my Emails as unwanted. If you don’t see an Email within a day, please post a reply or add onno [at] my_domain to your whitelist.

  8. John says:

    Hi Onno,
    Still got a PCB left? If so, send me an email. Want to buy one too.

    • Onno says:

      Hi John,
      I happen to have one or two left. I’ll send you an Email.
      Please do check you SPAM folder as some providers do seem to like to mark my Emails as unwanted. If you don’t see an Email within a day, please post a reply and add onno [at] my_domain to your whitelist.


  9. Chan says:

    Hi Onno, Still PCB left? If so I am interested.
    Also curious how you managed to program the pic.

    Regards Chan

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