Setup SRX1400 in cluster over layer2 switching network

This post is about my experience of setting up two SRX1400 nodes in a cluster, geographically separated by a layer2 switching network.

The lab setup had to be redundant and spread over two locations. So I updated both SRX’en to JunOS 11.2R4.3, this version supports clustering and redundant fabric and control links.

This post consists of the following topics:
1. Connecting the SRX’s to the switches
2. Configuring the switchports for the fabric, control links and the 2 Gbps traffic links
3. Configuring the cluster
4. Troubleshooting several issues with SRX1400 clustering

I’ll be using not just plain traffic and basic configuration, but I’ll be also using vlan tagging to reduce cabling in the future and will be configuring a routing instance just to be prepared for the future.

Also I’m paying attention to some issues I encountered during my tests. Things you don’t find in the Juniper documentation. ;o) I’m talking about different VLAN’s for control links, and a issue with the current JunOS releases and using T-SFP modules for your control links causing your control links to fail during setup.

So the complete setup will be like below.

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