Setup SRX1400 in cluster over layer2 switching network

4. Troubleshooting several issues with SRX1400 clustering

While I was working on my lab setup of the SRX1400 clustering over layer2 switching network, I encountered several issues. The issues I encountered where:
1. Failing control links
2. Flipping FPC’s (FPC’s keeping rebooting)

The failing control links are solved in the following new JunOS version: 11.4R3 and 12.1R1

The other issue was that I suddenly noticed that the FPC’s of a node keeped rebooting every X minutes. This was causing a really unstable cluster. Everytime I generated lots of traffic, it would even trigger failovers. The FPC’s are also generating core dumps.
After contact with JTAC, they discovered that there is a PR for the JunOS version I was using:

So they recommended me to upgrade to a newer version. After upgrading to the newer version the problems were indeed solved. As JTAC says:
This issue is fixed in 11.2R5 (yet to release).
The recommendation is to upgrade to 11.4R1.

At the time of writing 11.2R5 is already released.

Well, that was it for now. If I encounter any new things regarding SRX1400 in clustering, I’ll update this post. So keep following my posts. ;o)

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